LA Adkins

Sacred Pause – Rest as a Revolutionary Practice: Exploring the Depths of Rest as a Pathway to Spiritual Wellness

A Talk by LA Adkins (The Holistic Wellness Therapreneur, Reconnect With You, PLLC)

About this Talk

Through the use of storytelling, I present rest as an embodied spiritual practice and I discuss why we must rest. I invite listeners to examine their own relationship with rest, and I encourage them to consider the consequences of not having an intentional rest practice. This talk aims to provide a better understanding of the different types of rest and the role that resting plays in one’s spiritual health and wellness. My intention with this talk is to empower everyone present to prioritize and create space for rest in their everyday lives and rituals in order to show up more meaningfully and effectively for themselves and others.

In order to have a productive conversation about rest, I define and provide examples of different types of rest. The first part of my talk will entail the sharing of my experience with taking an extended leave from my former full-time job and how this rest period both saved my life and shifted my perception of rest, including how I experience it. My talk will then explore the challenges that exist to better prioritizing rest as well as identifying specific opportunities for rest. Listeners will have the opportunity to learn about resources for creating or deepening a rest practice and best practices for honoring rest.

The final part of the talk will offer listeners examples of rest and ways to rest and will include a call to action for how listeners will continue to rest after we part ways. Through engagement and thought provocation, listeners will be equipped with the tools to create practices that support their rest practice as well as a guide for how those practices can be implemented.

November 04, 2023, 12:00 PM

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

About The Speakers

LA Adkins

LA Adkins

The Holistic Wellness Therapreneur, Reconnect With You, PLLC

Uniquely combining public speaking and sound therapy, LA is gifted at holding sacred space for folx to accept and embrace their authentic selves. Her focus on guiding folx back home to themselves, using all their experiences for their self-development supports her in aligning with her soul mission.