Candace E. Purifoy, MA, LPC

Reviving the Soul: Redefining Self-Care Through Christian Principles

A Talk by Candace E. Purifoy, MA, LPC (Owner and Lead Therapist, Refreshed Counseling Services PLLC)

About this Talk

In a world where schedules are relentless and burnout looms large, we often feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and disconnected. Especially as Christians, we feel the inner conflict of living in a society that glorifies busyness and constantly pushes us to do more and be more, it's essential for believers to embrace self-care as a means to nurture their spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. "Reviving the Soul: Redefining Self-Care through Christian Principles," takes participants on a transformative journey and explores how faith and rejuvenation intertwine as we delve into the core concepts of self-care from a faith-based perspective. Many Christians face unique challenges when it comes to self-care, including the guilt associated with self-indulgence, the pressure to constantly serve others, and the misconception that self-care is selfish. This talk not only illuminates the profound significance of self-care but also delves deep into the critical aspects of mental health that have often been overlooked within the Black Church. We will address misinterpretations of scripture that have historically hindered self-care practices and unravel the specific barriers to self-care that Christians often face, including the detrimental effects on mental health. Throughout this session, we will explore how self-care aligns seamlessly with biblical principles, offering a powerful means to safeguard not just our physical and our mental and emotional health. We'll reveal why it's not only acceptable but utterly vital for Christians to prioritize their own well-being. Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding Self-Care: Learn what self-care truly is and what it isn't, dispelling common misconceptions. 2. Types of Self-Care: Discover the 7 different types of self-care and how each contributes to your overall well-being. 3. Biblical Support and Model: Explore biblical principles and models that support the practice of self-care. 4. Self-Care and Mental Health: Learn the important connection between self-care and mental health and gain strategies to improve anxiety and depression 5. Assessment and Improvement: Assess your current self-care routine and identify areas in need of improvement. 6. Effective Self-Care Planning: Each participant will develop a written, personalized, effective self-care plan tailored to their unique needs. “Reviving the Soul: Redefining Self-Care through Christian Principles" invites participants to embark on a journey toward better self-care and a more fulfilling Christian life and helps nourish the soul, improve wellness, and reclaim vitality.

November 04, 2023, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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Candace E. Purifoy, MA, LPC

Candace E. Purifoy, MA, LPC

Owner and Lead Therapist, Refreshed Counseling Services PLLC