Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown

Embodying Freedom: Addressing Mental Health in The Black Church Utilizing Trauma-Informed Care

A Talk by Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown (Social Worker | Therapist | Public Speaker)

About this Talk

This presentation explores the profound history of the Black church and its role in African American communities, alongside the far-reaching impact of generational trauma. It sheds light on the mental health disparities prevalent in the Black community. To comprehensively understand these issues, the presentation employs Afrocentric and systems theory, allowing an analysis of historical context and modern representation. Furthermore, it provides valuable insights into potential collaborative efforts involving faith-based organizations and health resources. The culmination of this exploration is the introduction of the "Restoreth My Soul" program, set to launch in September 2023. This initiative aims to initiate crucial conversations about mental health within local and international African American church communities through webinars and virtual conferences. Ultimately, its intended outcome is to educate, evaluate, and implement mental health policies within Black congregations, addressing a vital and often overlooked need in these communities.

November 04, 2023, 12:30 PM

12:30 PM - 01:00 PM

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Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown

Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown

Social Worker | Therapist | Public Speaker