LA Adkins

The Holistic Wellness Therapreneur, Reconnect With You, PLLC Uniquely combining public speaking and sound therapy, LA is gifted at holding sacred space for folx to accept and embrace their authentic selves. Her focus on guiding folx back home to themselves, using all their experiences for their self-development supports her in aligning with her soul mission.

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LA Adkins (she/her/hers) also known as ‘The Holistic Wellness Therapreneur’ is a creative, champion of solitude, spiritual guide, and storyteller. She is also certified, studied, and trained as a Mindfulness Meditation Guide and a Sound Therapist. She currently practices as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and is a subject matter expert in mental health. LA is the Founding Owner of Reconnect With You, PLLC, a private holistic mental health practice specializing in work with entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations/corporations. 

She provides individual therapy, sound therapy, public speaking services, and she makes candles, all with a focus on wellness. She has published a self-exploration gratitude journal titled Reconnect With You, which has an emphasis on supporting you in improving your relationship with yourself. She also delivered a TEDx talk titled The Unexpected Power of Solitude in Healing from Loss, Shame, and Trauma.LA brings her lived experience and over ten (10) years of professional experience working in public schools, non-profit settings, the legal field, higher education, and both in-state and federal government. 

How LA shows up in the world is shaped by her personal values, which are accountability, authenticity, autonomy, integrity, justice, and transparency. She firmly believes that one's relationships with others are both an extension and reflection of the relationship one has with oneself, which is why she is so passionate about guiding folx back to themselves and supporting them in both accepting and understanding themselves more fully.

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Sacred Pause – Rest as a Revolutionary Practice: Exploring the Depths of Rest as a Pathway to Spiritual Wellness

November 04, 2023, 12:00 PM
LA Adkins